IN-FOCUS: The 2016 Latino Vote

2017 Registered Voter Population for Congressional Districts- Harris County, TX (Estimated)

METHODOLOGY The following steps were taken to produced the table titled 2017 Registered Voter Population for Congressional Districts- Harris County, TX (Estimated). The data on the table only includes totals for registered voters in Harris County. *Partial means the...
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MORE SPANISH-SURNAMED VOTERS PARTICIPATED IN THE NOV. 2016 ELECTION THAN EVER IN THE 3rd LARGEST COUNTY IN THE NATION Spanish-surnamed queries conducted on the actual voter rolls provide data that show Latino voter participation reached unprecedented levels in the...
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Placing Context to the American Latino Experience


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WHO VOTES, WHY AND DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Profiling the Harris County electorate and change in the nation’s third largest political jurisdiction

These charts and tables were compiled to present at the Rice University Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies lecture series entitled Inside the 2016 Elections: Who Votes, Why and Does it Really Matter? CLICK...
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Age Profile of Early Voters By Personal Appearance: Harris County, TX, March 1, 2016, Primary Elections

Age Profile of Early Voters By Personal Appearance: Harris County, TX, March 1, 2016, Primary Elections The objective of these charts is to provide data that show how much of the vote various categories of age groups constituted of the total Early Vote in the March 1,...
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STARK ENVIROMENT (1st installment of the childhood memoir An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory)

Small dust remolinos (whirlwind) were ordinary sights during the hottest months of the year. That is one of the lingering memories of Albercones, the last of a handful of ranchos (rural communities) where my mother worked as a teacher and where I lived before moving...
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ALL HUMANS HAVE A BOND WITH PEOPLE IN WHOM THEY SEE THEMSELVES (2nd installment of the childhood memoir: An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory)

The images of the school I attended in rural Nuevo Leon come to me when I watch pregame flag ceremonies of an international soccer match involving the Mexican national team. Like the players, the students would stand shoulder to shoulder, saluting the colors, mouthing...
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EL TEATRO: All the world is a stage (3rd installment of the childhood memoir “An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory”)

On pleasant autumn nights, we would gather on the stage of an old weathered white open air Roman-style theater situated on the school grounds. On the adobe platform four feet above the ground, feeling closer to the heavens, me, my brothers and two friends, would...
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CORN TORTILLAS: The Time-Tested Link to Survival (4th installment of the childhood memoir “An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory”)

A young village woman was paid to make tortillas and deliver them to our living quarters on the school grounds. Corn tortillas were part of every meal in rural Southwest Nuevo Leon. Poor soil and low rainfall made corn the core food staple in the semi-arid region....
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EL SILENCIO DE EL CABRITO: The Butchering of a Baby Goat and Being a Carnivore

(This is the 5th installment of my childhood memoir, "An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory") The bleats reverberated and slowly faded away as the cabrito’s life force drained into a bucket that was placed beneath its head: ▪ At the age of four, I...
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HISPANIC ELECTORAL GROWTH depended on Leadership understanding demographics and tempering expectations

Confusion about the strength of the Hispanic vote has existed since Hispanics became the largest population group in municipalities all over the nation. And, after every election, as electoral growth fails to match demographic growth, wishful thinkers regurgitate...
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OPPORTUNITY DISTRICTS: The Unspoken Reality of Race and Congressional Representation

A Houston Chronicle story entitled “Houston most Hispanic part of country without Hispanic in Congress” spurred online reader comments promoting the idea that race should not matter in electing a representative from a Congressional “opportunity district” (a political...
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THE LATINO VOTE AND ITS PROMISE CANNOT BE DENIED: Leadership can help expedite its maturation

THE United States Census Bureau's latest population estimates show that Latinos comprise 39.3 percent of the population of Harris County. In spite of the fact that Latinos are now the county's largest population group, they only constitute 15 percent of the County’s...
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AFTER THE MARCHING’S DONE HISPANICS MUST GO VOTE: The key to influencing U.S. policy is the ballot

THE marches that took place in the spring of 2006 across the nation and in the Houston area as a response to proposed anti-immigrant legislation reminded me of a quote that appeared in the now-defunct Houston Post's opinion section Sunday Punch in 1994. The quote was...
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MINORITY VOTES TELL A STORY FOR HOUSTON AND MAYBE HARRIS COUNTY: Math of ballots can be both divisive and decisive

In December of 2007, for the sixth time in the last 10 City of Houston elections, an African-American (Jolanda Jones) and a Hispanic (Joe Trevino) faced off for a citywide Houston council or mayoral position. While this event may seem unremarkable as the local...
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My late mother provides an example that suggests advocates on both sides of the political spectrums debating whether voters should be required to present a Photo ID to vote in person may see minorities similarly. My mother met all the characteristics of a person which...
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MLK’S TIMELESS LESSON: It takes courageous leadership to achieve high-minded objectives

“I just want to leave a committed life behind”. That is a pronouncement from Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) which was seared in my mind the moment I read it when I was 16-years of age. It was a sentence in an excerpt of King’s Drum Major Instinct sermon which I stumbled...
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LESSONS THAT OUTLIVE A PROFESSOR: Political theory shaped mind, life

My favorite professor died several years ago. His name was Ross Lence. He taught political theory at the University of Houston. I did not know him on a personal level, and the likelihood is that because of my less-than-stellar performances in his classes, he did not...
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THE CHALLENGE of repeating a successful speaking performance

How can I match what I did previously? This is a question public speakers face regularly. Repeating a successful performance presents a challenge because factors that impact communication change from moment-to-moment and individuals must be ready to adapt to fluid circumstances.

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A LIFE-LONG STRUGGLE: Communicating well in English is a never-ending objective for an immigrant

A LIFE-LONG STRUGGLE: Communicating well in English is a never-ending objective for an immigrant I aspire to communicate well in English. As an immigrant who arrived in the United States at the age of 9, a limited vocabulary and the lack of knowledge of how to use a...
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Exhorting Students to be Attentive

Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today. I am very appreciative for the invitation. I am honored to be here but a bit apprehensive about speaking. You see every time I am asked to speak to teenagers I think about my years as a teen. And I think about the...
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A mother is the one constant in the life of most children. The moment my mother died compelled me to reflect on this reality. Until the age of 10, I lived with my mother in Mexico while my father lived in the USA. Once I reached adulthood, the circumstances of life...

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What voters should know about the #TXVoterID remedy [in Spanish]

What you should know about the #TXVoterID remedy [in Spanish]. On#ConexionTexas w/@raulpeimbert #2016election...
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hdl_perspective discussing Hispanic Voter Turnout on ABC13 ¡VIVA Houston! (7/17/16)

Click HERE> hdl_perspective discussing Hispanic Voter Turnout on ABC13 ¡VIVA Houston!
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hdl_perspective on CBS Radio’s Eye on Houston discussing elections and voter participation with CEO of HHCC /Dr. Laura Murillo (5/3/2015)

click HERE> hdl_perspective on CBC Radio's Eye on Houston - An informative discussion regarding elections and voter participation on CBS Radio's Eye on Houston with CEO of the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce...
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hdl_perspective quoted in the Houston Post’s Editorial Section-Sunday Punch-Heard and Noted (11/12/94)

Houston Post-Sunday Punch-Heard and Noted: "Justice in America is like a baby being born. You've got to participate in its conception or that baby is never going to look like you" -hector de leon    ...
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hdl_perspective Op_Ed in Houston Chronicle (10/2/00)

A father death... a son's search for answers
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"I am not an educated man. I never had an opportunity to learn anything except how to fight". -Pancho Villa

"Si le das mas poder al poder mas duro te van a venir a cojer" -Molotov

"There are things so deeply personal that they can be revealed only to strangers." -Richard Rodriguez

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