Perspective On Politics

  1. OPPORTUNITY DISTRICTS: The Unspoken Reality of Race and Congressional Representation

  2. A Houston Chronicle story entitled “Houston most Hispanic part of country without Hispanic in Congress” spurred online reader comments promoting the idea that race should not matter in electing a representative from a Congressional “opportunity district” (a political jurisdiction where one ethnic or racial group constitutes a majority of the population or registered voters). Regrettably, […]

  3. THE OMISSION OF HISTORY: The Discussion of Mixed Race Groups in the U.S. Marginalizes Mestizo Americans

  4. In the midst of the 2008 Presidential Election, an article entitled “Multiracial Americans surge in number, Obama candidacy  focuses new attention on their quest for understanding” appeared on the MSNBC homepage. The story was about individuals in America whose origins are of mixed race. It  focused the discussion on individuals who are the progeny of a parent of African […]

  5. THE LATINO VOTE AND ITS PROMISE CANNOT BE DENIED: Leadership can help expedite its maturation

  6. THE United States Census Bureau’s latest population estimates show that Latinos comprise 39.3 percent of the population of Harris County. In spite of the fact that Latinos are now the county’s largest population group, they only constitute 15 percent of the County’s 1.9 million registered voters. Yet, the relevance of the Latino vote and its […]

  7. AFTER THE MARCHING’S DONE HISPANICS MUST GO VOTE: The key to influencing U.S. policy is the ballot

  8. THE marches that took place in the spring of 2006 across the nation and in the Houston area as a response to proposed anti-immigrant legislation reminded me of a quote that appeared in the now-defunct Houston Post’s opinion section Sunday Punch in 1994. The quote was in the “Heard and Noted” section beside a quote from […]

  9. MINORITY VOTES TELL A STORY FOR HOUSTON AND MAYBE HARRIS COUNTY: Math of ballots can be both divisive and decisive

  10. In December of 2007, for the sixth time in the last 10 City of Houston elections, an African-American (Jolanda Jones) and a Hispanic (Joe Trevino) faced off for a citywide Houston council or mayoral position. While this event may seem unremarkable as the local population and political scene have become increasingly diverse, the results of […]


  12. My late mother provides an example that suggests advocates on both sides of the political spectrums debating whether voters should be required to present a Photo ID to vote in person may see minorities similarly. My mother met all the characteristics of a person which politicians believe is not supposed to be able to obtain photo identification. […]