The following steps were taken to produced the table titled Harris County (Estimated) Voter Registration Population.

  1. A query of the Harris County Voter Roll was conducted to determine the number of registered voters in each Commissioner Precinct.
  2. Two surname queries for Spanish-surnamed registered voters were performed on the Harris County Voter Roll using different lists to estimate the number of Latino registered voters. The number of Spanish-surnamed registered voters produced by each list varied. The percent of Latino registered voters that appears on the table for each Commissioner Precinct is the mean.
  3. One surname query for Asian-surnamed registered voters was performed on the Harris County Voter Roll using only one list.
  4. The Totals for Spanish-surnames and Asian-surnames were summed and then subtracted from the overall total of registered voters which produced a number for non-Spanish, non Asian surnamed registered voters.
  5. The number of White and Black registered voters were estimated by calculating the ratio of voting age population (VAP) for non-Hispanic Whites and non-Hispanic Blacks in each Commissioner Precinct (according to Census information used for redistricting) and multiplying it by the number of non Spanish and Asian surnamed registered voters.