“[I am a] Daughter of two countries, [and a] citizen of none.” —Anita Brenner, Revolutionary Mexican-Born American

“The odds are great. But, my spirit is strong. My faith unbreakable... I SHALL ENDURE! I WILL ENDURE!” —excerpt from the epic poem I am Joaquin

The only approval I'm my mother's and my people.” —Jessica Lorena Rangel, Unafraid Texas-based human rights advocate.

“There are things so deeply personal that they can be revealed only to strangers.” —Richard Rodriguez, American Author of Hunger of Memory

“We are Americans in every aspect, except for a piece of paper that legitimises us.” —Cesar Espinosa, Leader and immigrant advocate.

“Justice in America is like a baby being born. You've got to participate in its conception or that baby is never going to look like you" —Hector de Leon 

"...Maybe right from birth...I already knew... Then I went to school, then to the University, and what - the more I studied, the more I learned that I was ridiculous." —FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY

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