1. EL SILENCIO DE EL CABRITO: The Butchering of a Baby Goat and Being a Carnivore

  2. (This is the 5th installment of my childhood memoir, “An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory”)   The bleats reverberated and slowly faded away as the cabrito’s life force drained into a bucket that was placed beneath its head: Maaa…maa…ma… At the age of four, I watched as the cabrito’s throat was slit with a knife as […]

  3. CORN TORTILLAS: The Time-Tested Link to Survival (4th installment of the childhood memoir “An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory”)

  4. A young village woman was paid to make tortillas and deliver them to our living quarters on the school grounds. Corn tortillas were part of every meal in rural Southwest Nuevo Leon. Poor soil and low rainfall made corn the core food staple in the semi-arid region. Weekly, the tortillas arrived wrapped in a cloth inside […]

  5. EL TEATRO: All the world is a stage (3rd installment of the childhood memoir “An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory”)

  6. On pleasant autumn nights, we would gather on the stage of an old weathered white open air Roman-style theater situated on the school grounds. On the adobe platform four feet above the ground, feeling closer to the heavens, me, my brothers and two friends, would recite lines like thespians: “En el otro lado del rio” (on the other side of the river),” most verses began. […]

  7. ALL HUMANS HAVE A BOND WITH PEOPLE IN WHOM THEY SEE THEMSELVES (2nd installment of the childhood memoir: An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory)

  8. The images of the school I attended in rural Nuevo Leon come to me when I watch pregame flag ceremonies of an international soccer match involving the Mexican national team. Like the players, the students would stand shoulder to shoulder, saluting the colors, mouthing the Himno Nacional, on the rectangle cement slab in front of […]

  9. STARK ENVIROMENT (1st installment of the childhood memoir An Existence that is a Dreamlike Memory)

  10. Small dust remolinos (whirlwind) were ordinary sights during the hottest months of the year. That is one of my lingering memories of Albercones, the last of a handful of ranchos (rural communities) where my mother worked as a teacher and where I lived before moving to Texas. Albercones is an ejido (political subdivision) within the province of Dr. Arroyo, […]